Stain-X® Pro Odor Neutralizer - Concentrate Gallon

USES: Complete odor neutralization of tough odors from the air 
to any water washable surface including fabrics.

STAIN-X® Pro Odor Neutralizer is nature’s solution for odor problems. It is not an odor mask, 
but a true odor eliminator. We have formulated STAIN-X® Pro Odor Neutralizer with sassafras 
and selectively-adapted organic salts to effectivelyneutralize and eliminate the most offensive
odors, without the need to wait for enzymes to work. STAIN-X® Pro Odor Neutralizer has a 
natural sassafras fragrance that provides immediaterelief.

STAIN-X® Pro Odor Neutralizer is safe for all fabrics so it can be sprayed directly on the problem 
area. STAIN-X® Pro Odor Neutralizer can also be usedin the air to freshen any room.

Safe to use wherever odors occur:
• Automobiles/RVs
• Basements
• Bathrooms
• Boats
• Closets
• Garages
• Litter boxes
• Pet beds
• Shoes
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Price $30.00
2 or more $28.50 each
4 or more $27.00 each

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